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Ormco Ortho Solo Orthodontic Primer 5ml

Ortho Solo is a universal sealant and bonding primer for use with light cure and chemical cure bonding systems. Ortho Solo’s hydrophilic property makes it moisture tolerant for optimal and reliable orthodontic bonding.

Ortho Solo incorporates a bond-enhancing property that improves adhesion to the tooth at the adhesive interface.
The glass filler, unique to Ortho Solo, is designed to act as a stress and shock absorber, helping prevent cracks that can lead to bond failures.
No air-dry or light-cure step is needed.
Includes a compound that displaces moisture, making the technique more forgiving when a dry field is inadvertently compromised.

Key Features

  • Universal application
  • Optimal viscosity minimizes drift
  • Hydrophilic chemistry
  • No air dry or light cure step needed
  • 23% filled for strength and bond retention
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