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Transbond XT Kit #712-035February 2024Contains: 2 x 4g Adhesive Paste Syringes, 1 x 6ml Primer Bottle, 60 x Brushes, 1 x Brush Holder 8,628
1x 4g SyringeFebruary 2024Contains: 1 x 4g Adhesive Paste Syringes (may be shipped without retail packaging)2,860
4 x 4g Syringe Pack #712-036Not AvailableContains: 4 x 4g Adhesive Paste Syringes 11,190
1 x 6ml Primer #712-034Not AvailableContains: 1 x 6ml Primer Bottle (may be shipped without retail packaging)2,890

3M Unitek Transbond XT Orthodontic Adhesive. Buy at Best Price.

Transbond XT Syringe
Tranbond XT primer

3M Transbond XT light cure adhesive bonds metal and ceramic brackets to tooth surfaces.
This adhesive uses light cure adhesive technology to provide you with additional working time to ensure accurate bracket placement.

The viscosity of 3M Transbond XT adhesive was designed to prevent adhesive run-on and bracket skating with the potential to save money and reduce adhesive waste.
The Transbond XT adhesive’s quick cure provides for immediate arch wire tie-in so your patients and staff can experience shorter bonding appointments.

Transbond™ XT Light Cure Adhesive | 3M India

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4 reviews for 3M Transbond XT Orthodontic Adhesive – 3M Unitek

  1. Dr Rajan SL

    Transbond is time tested product of for ortho. No other product matches it’s quality.

  2. Dr kiran katar

    They delivered it as it is mentioned on the website.

  3. Dr Chanchal Shah

    happy with quick delivery thanks

  4. Dr Keval Shah

    brought first time from this website because expiry date was mentioned on it. had bad experience with some other website.

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