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Powder Liquid KitApril 2025Starter Pack #56653, Powder: 15g, Liquid: 7.8ml, Mixing Pad & Plastic Scoop 1,870

3M Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

The packable, wear-resistant glass ionomer solution for patients who are tough on teeth

  • When you need lasting protection use 3M ESPE Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer Filling Material.
  • Many parents would like to ensure that their children’s teeth are durably protected as soon as possible and dentists feel the same way.
  • In addition to many other indications, Ketac Molar glass ionomers are also ideally suited for early fissure sealing.
  • As a tough fissure-sealing material, it offers years of effective protection against caries, as demonstrated by a multi-center study.

3M Ketac Molar Price


  • Single-surface fillings in posterior areas
  • Core build-ups
  • Primary teeth fillings (as amalgam substitute)
  • Cervical fillings in posterior region
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)
  • Base material for single- and multiple-surface composite fillings
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Powder Liquid Kit

9 reviews for 3M Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

  1. Dr Vivek Ranjan

    got my order very fast. impressed.

  2. Narayan Kumar Jha

    cement is becoming expensive day by day. considering to switch to other cment.

  3. Dr Marmika

    Using the cement since 3 years. quality is good and setting time is also good for me.

  4. J N. Ghosh

    first order on this site & they did it very well.

  5. DrVijay Shah

    received on 4th day of order. keep it up.

  6. Dr Sanmita

    I prefer ketac molar for pedo patients. for adults it may not stand for long time.

  7. Imtiaz md.

    send very fast. thnx

  8. Dr Manjiri Salare

    New box is attractive but product is still same. Thx.

  9. Ashwini Wagje

    Thanks for the fast delivery.

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