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GC Fuji VII Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Protection Material

GC Fuji 7 is a high fluoride releasing glass ionomer material developed for surface protection of high risk tooth surfaces.

Characteristics & Benefits

  • High fluoride and strontium release enhances remineralization capabilities
  • Flowable consistency to ensure effective wetting and intimate adhesion to tooth surfaces
  • Self curing conventional GIC without addition of resin
  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure means no need for etching and bonding agents
  • Can be applied in situations where saliva control is not possible
  • Available in WHITE shade and special PINK shade
  • Optional command set with VLC unit for Fuji 7 PINK where setting time can be reduced to 40 seconds as the pink colour absorbs light energy accelerating the setting reaction.

How to Use 

After conditioning the tooth surface with GC Dentin Conditioner (10% polyacrylic acid), a thin film of the mixed Fuji 7 is applied over the tooth surface that needs protection. After placement, when the material starts to lose the glossy appearance, moisture protect with GC Cocoa Butter or GC Fuji varnishor GC Fuji Coat LC.

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