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Shivam Glass Ionomer Cement Type 2 Product


Glass Ionomer Type II is restorative self cured suitable for permanent dental filling.


  • Restoration of erosive / abrasive lesions without cavity preparation.
  • Sealing and fillimg of occlusal pit and fissures.
  • Restoration of primary teeth.
  • Restoration of class V carious lesions.
  • Restoration of class III carious lesions, preferably using lingual approach.
  • Repair of defective margins in restorations.
  • Minimal Cavity preparations in a promixal lesions through buccal and occlusal apporach (tunnel preparations).
  • Core built up.
  • Provisional restorations where future veneer crowns are contemplated.
  • Sealing at roof surface for over dentures.

Advantages :

  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure allows minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents.
  • Chemical setting without shrinkage and similar thermal expansion as tooth structure offers an excellent marginal seal.
  • Strontium based glass provides good radiopacity facilitating post operative diagnosis.
  • Low solubility for more durable and longer lasting restorations.
  • Long term clinical success.
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