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Maarc Calahyd-RC Dental Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Iodoform

Calahyd – RC is premixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste containing Iodoform.
The addition of iodoform to calcium hydroxide improves radiopacity and adds an antibacterial agent to the paste.
Non hardening paste, solubilized calcium hydroxide remains active in root canal for a longer time
For Dental Endodontic Treatment.

Packing: 1.5 x 2 Syr + 4 Applicator tips


  • Non-Separating Homogenous Mix
  • Bacteriostatic & Antibacterial Properties
  • Effective in Abscess
  • Promotes Apexification
  • Easy Retrieval from the Canal Using ENDO-L (EDTA LIQUID) +10% Diluted Citric Acid SolutionApplications:
  • For pulp capping and pulpotomy.
  • Apexifications and hard tissue formation.
  • Temporary sealing material for infected root canals.

Method of Use:

  • After root canal preparation, clean and dry root canal. Attach disposable needle to the Syringe and check the flow of paste through the needle.
  • Insert needle into the canal, about 2mm short of the apex. Fill canal completely by pushing the plunger while slowly withdrawing the syringe.
  • Clean excess paste with a sterile cotton pellet.

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  1. Dr. Yash Kumar

    Good product

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