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Not AvailableRef: #18432. Standard Package contains: 30g, 1 (12 g) tube base, 1 (18 g) tube catalyst and mix pad 1,742

Kerr Sealapex Root Canal Sealer

Polymeric Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal Sealer

Sealapex is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealant.
It produces rapid healing, hard tissue formation and is radiopaque.

Kerr Sealapex Setting Time: This product offers a 45 minutes setting time after placement with a 2 hour working time on the pad.

  • Kerr Sealapex Composition: Toluene salicylate, calcium oxide (Source)
  • “….Sealapex was found to encourage apical closure by cementum deposition…: Calcium Hydroxide–Based Root Canal Sealers: A Review. (Source)
  • Kerr Sealapex Documentation & SDS (Source)
  • Success rate of Sealapex in root canal treatment for primary teeth: 3-year follow-up (Source)
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16 reviews for Kerr Sealapex Root Canal Sealer

  1. Dr Md Asif

    Flow in side the canal is good.
    using since 1 year now, very cheaper than ah plus.

  2. Dr Bharti

    received my order on 6 th day

  3. Dr Sanjay Khari

    It easily reaches the canal walls till apex also clearly seen on iopa.

  4. Dr Meenal Kumar

    Got the product with correct expiry date otherwise i would have returned it back. thanks for the correct service.

  5. Santosh Singh

    Fast service and good packing wel done

  6. Dr Vishal Jha

    My prefered choice for almost all kinds of RC fillings.

  7. Anil Deo

    Consistancy is very good and radiopacity also.

  8. Dr Nidhi Sharma

    Nice resin sealer for all endo

  9. N Agarwal

    My favorite product

  10. Dr Nishant Nanda

    Pricing is better than pinkblue

  11. Moh. Ali

    Express delivery service. Seal pex is always good.

  12. Dr Vikas Singh

    Very fast setting. No retun possible. Bad.

  13. Kirti Somi

    Got used to with this sealer far better than ah+

  14. Nahid Khan

    lost about half material due to fast setting.

  15. Gautam Kumar

    Good product

  16. DrKiran Vaze

    got sealpex in new pack

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