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White1gNot Available1g Syringe 1,746
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Honey1gNot Available1g Syringe 1,746
Ochre1gNot Available1g Syringe 1,746
Brown1gNot Available1g Syringe 1,746

Ivoclar IPS Empress Direct Color Empress Direct Color

Empress Direct Color comprises seven selected shades for the creation of natural-looking characterizations. It can be used for direct composite restorations, indirect CAD/CAM restorations as well as for masking discoloured tooth structure. IPS Empress Direct Color can be applied directly to composite or ceramics without dilution. The ultra-fine tips with a diameter of only 0.4 mm allow the material to be applied easily and precisely

IPS Empress Direct is a highly esthetic composite for filling cavities in anterior and posterior teeth. It is available in five different translucency levels. Therefore, different types of anatomical features can be faithfully reproduced.
With the flowable characterization materials of IPS Empress Direct Effect and IPS Empress Direct Color ranges any restorations can be creatively customized. The materials are simply applied just underneath the final covering layer. The light-curing opaque IPS Empress Direct Opaquer material reliably masks undesired tooth discolourations, exposed metal surfaces and core build-ups in the anterior and posterior region.


  • Lifelike shades for natural-looking restorations
  • Easy application of shade nuances with Trans Opal


  • Long-lasting esthetic results
  • Convenient handling for sophisticated requirements


  • Intuitive layering in 3 to 5 steps only
  • Efficient Esthetics

IPS Empress Direct forms a part of the “Direct Restoratives” product category. The products of this category cover the procedure involved in the direct restoration of teeth – from preparation to restoration care. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application. You can find more information about the efficient esthetics workflow

Weight 0.120000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm
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