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Intro Kit / Universal BondN.A.Into Kit/Universal Bond: 4 X Syringes of Tetric N Ceram 3.5g (Shade: A1, A2, A3, B2 or combination), 1 X Tetric N-Bond Universal 3g, 1 X N-Etch 2g (37% phosphoric acid), Applicator Tips 5,289

Ivoclar Tetric N Ceram Intro Kit

Ivoclar Tetric N Ceram Intro Kit Tetric N-Ceram is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite based on nano-optimized technology for direct restorative procedures.

The composite restorative Tetric N-Ceram incorporates state-of-the-art nano-hybrid technology.

Tetric N-Ceram from Ivoclar Vivadent is a light-curing, radiopaque dental restorative. It is suitable for the esthethic restoration of teeth in the anterior and posterior region.

Because of the nano-hybrid technology, Tetric N-Ceram features excellent mechanical properties. The prepolymers are responsible for the material’s low shrinkage. Tetric N-Ceram’s high radiopacity of 400 % Al is due to the filler ytterbium fluoride. It considerably facilitates the radiographic detection of secondary caries. Tetric N-Ceram’s nano-optimized formula forms the basis of the material’s low wear and high strength.

Versatile application and shading options
The nano-modifier contained in Tetric N-Ceram imparts the material with outstanding modelling properties. The material does not stick to instruments. Nano-particles are responsible for the material’s exceptional polishing properties. The integrated nano-colour pigments are characteristic of the technology used in Tetric N-Ceram. Together with the natural translucency of the material, they create a chameleon effect. The nano-colour pigments feature a spherical structure. As they are homogenously distributed in the composite, they are responsible for improving the adjustment of the shade of the restoration to the surrounding natural teeth. As a result, very beautiful restorations are achieved, which are hardly distinguishable from the natural tooth structure. Tetric N-Ceram is available in 16 shades: two dentin shades, ten enamel shades, a highly translucent incisal shade and three bleach shades.


– Universal use – for anterior and posterior restorations


– Excellent radiopacity– Good polishability – Nano-fillers complete the finely tuned filler technology – Nano-colour pigments are responsible for the material’s unique chameleon effect – The nano-modifier ensures optimum stability and excellent sculptability – The material does not stick to the instruments

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