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Standard PackN.A.4 x 3g Spectrum® Syringe (Shade A1, A2, A3, B2), 1 x 3.5ml Spectrum® bond, 1 x Detray® Conditioner 36, 1 x 50 Applicator Tips, 1 x 25 Applicator Needles. 3,388
Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit

Spectrum Composite Restorative Kit by Dentsply is a sub-micron hybrid composite for the restoration of both anterior and posterior teeth. Since its introduction, Spectrum has shown enormous market success through simple application, superior aesthetics and proven clinical performance. Spectrum is ideal for use with Prime&Bond NT, the universal, one bottle adhesive system.

Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit FEATURES :-

  • Universal Micro hybrid Composite Restorative

Simple and aesthetic

  • Create lifelike restorations with as little as one single shade: the chameleon effect of Spectrum® helps to obtain outstanding colour reproduction while the enamel-like lustre mimics that of the natural tooth.

Easy handling

  • Creamy and non-sticky consistency. Excellent adaptability.

New innovative syringe 

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Less extrusion power needed.
  • Durable laser marking.

Proven durability

  • Spectrum® demonstrates high wear resistance and superior durability against fracture, resulting in long-lasting aesthetic restorations.


  • Nano technology for improved infiltration: Nanofillers in Prime&Bond NT penetrate into the dentin tubules and infiltrate even the microspaces between the collagen fibers within the hybrid layer.
  • Excellent bond strength: Bond Strength can be measured in Micro-Tensile Bond Strength and Shear Bond Strength. Spectrum® bond shows excellent results in both testing methods.
  • Cross linked for tougher adhesive layer: Spectrum bond contains a crosslinking agent. This leads to a denser network of the resin matrix, leading to increased bond strength and toughness of the material.

Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit 1

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3 reviews for Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit

  1. Ramesh Veer

    Fine quality composite for anterior posterior fillings.

  2. Dr vishal singh

    Courier delivery was very fast. Packaging was also nice.

  3. Soham Prajapati (verified owner)

    One of the finest and Bridge Shade options, prior before to its invention

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