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OptiBond™ S is a single-component adhesive designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications. It is 15% filled with the same 0.4 micron filler found in the Kerr Point 4 composite. The filler not only reinforces the hybrid zone but also penetrates the dentin tubules, creating a true “structured bond” not found in unfilled or even “nano” filled adhesive systems.This unique technology provides the highest level of protection against microleakage, while sustaining high bond strengths to a variety of surfaces.

  • Reinforces the hybrid zone
  • Structured bond

Clinically proven
Universally accepted, industry-standard products. Proven performance worldwide.

Strong, durable bond
5%-filled material penetrates and reinforces dentin tubules to provide a long-lasting bond.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Filled technology
  • Fluoride release
  • Ethanol instead of acetone
  • Unidose delivery
  • Added indications
  • Strong bond
  • Less polymerization shrinkage
  • Less microleakage
  • Better protection against “white line”
  • Replaces liners
  • Caries protection
  • Use in moist or dry environment
  • No need for multiple coats
  • Less sensitivity
  • Best infection control
  • Fresh material every time
  • No worries of evaporation
  • Less waste
  • Better inventory control
  • Ultimate in convenience – only one liquid for everything
  • Time saved is money saved
  • Best combination of performance and versatility
  • Stands alone in the market
Weight 0.105000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm


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