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PuttyNot Available300 ml Base, 300 ml Catalyst 2,376
Light BodyNot Available2 x 50 ml Cartridge with Accessories 1,028

Dental Avenue Avue Gum Putty & Light Body

Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

It has excellent detail reproduction of margins. It gives impression with unmatched accuracy. It has a Thixotropic characteristic which consequently aid in optimized flow which facilitates excellent and accurate impressions. It is easily mixed to homogeneous and bubble free consistency. It has better handling properties with superior wetting characteristics. It comes with good hydrophilicity facilities for better adaptation over the tooth surface and into the gingival crevise. It has adequate tear strength with high dimensional stability. It can be easily removed from the mouth and resistant to disinfectant solution. It is compatible with gypsum products and can be poured long after impression taking without loss of accuracy. Multiple pouring can be done from one impression.

  • Excellent detail Reproduction of margins
  • Impression with Unmatched accuracy
  • Superior Wetting Characterstics
  • Impression is rigid enough to allow tray support
  • The material is flexible enough for easy removal
  • Thixotropic Characterstics aid in optimized flow which Facilitates excellent and Accurate Impressions
  • Crown & Bridge impressions
  • Pickup Impressions
  • Full arch impressions in Implantology
  • Veneer / Laminate
  • Inlay and Onlay impressions
  • Functional impression
  • Impressions for orthodontic splints and study models
Key Specifications:
  • Working Time: 1:30 min
  • Setting Time: 3-4 min
Weight N/A
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3 reviews for Dental Avenue Avue Gum Putty & Light Body

  1. Aakanksha Vaishnav

    Good rubber base material.

  2. Dr. Virendra Singh

    Impression details are very much good.
    Putty is soft.

  3. Sunil mitra

    Economical putty & lb.

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