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70gOctober 2022Tube of 70g117 125
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Colgate Sensitive Plus, with clinically proven pro-argin formula, fights against tooth sensitivity for a lasting relief. Receding gums can expose microscopic channels that lead to the tooth’s centre. When your teeth make contact with something hot/cold/sour/sweet, sensations are carried by these channels directly to the centre causing Sensitivity. Colgate Sensitive Plus works by plugging the channels to block the tooth sensitivity. With regular use Colgate Sensitive Plus builds a long lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity. Colgate is the No. 1 toothpaste brand recommended by dentists.

For instant and lasting relief. Prove it to yourself

  • Exclusive Pro-Argin formula
  • Instant relief (with direct application)
  • Lasting relief (with daily brushing)

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is now replaced with Colgate Sensitive Plus!

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30g, 70g

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October 2022


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