Colgate Water Flosser 140 Ml (Green)

Colgate Cordless Water Flosser provides better flossing (vs. string floss) for a cleaner feeling (vs. brushing alone). It gives you the easy clean for all those tricky in-betweens in your mouth and along your gums. No more messy fingers in your mouth with our compact, cordless and portable design. Blast away plaque in a way that is gentle on your gums. Let’s Get Flossing Blast Away Plaque: Between teeth and along gums. – Mind The Gaps: Easy clean around braces (Use as directed by your dental professional). – Good for Gums: Helps improve gum health. – Keep it clean: No more messy fingers in your mouth. – Unique Design: Built-in nozzle compartment – Personalise your settings: With 3 pressure modes – Waterproof design: safe to use in the shower Using the Water Flosser.
BLAST AWAY PLAQUE: Improve your oral care routine and have a cleaner mouth and Blast away plaque between teeth and along the gumline with Colgate Cordless Water Flosser. It’s more effective than string floss
KEEP IT CLEAN: Colgate Water Flosser is a Waterproof design that is safe to use in the shower which means no more messy fingers in your mouth, an easier and cleaner alternative to flossing between the teeth and along the gums
PERSONALIZE YOUR WATER FLOSSER SETTINGS: With 3 pressure modes of gentle, regular and pulse, you can adjust it accordingly to a setting that suits your gums
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AND WATER TANK: Easy to use functionality: continually use your Water Flosser daily, before recharging the battery that lasts more than 4 weeks (charger included). The Easy-to-fill water tank holds water capacity that can last up to 60 seconds
TRAVEL FRIENDLY: This is a compact, cordless and portable design for easy everyday use and is convenient to take with you when traveling

1. Place the nozzle into your mouth before turning the device on. 2. Align the nozzle against your teeth and gum line. 3. Work the nozzle along the gumline, paying special attention to the area between teeth and around braces. 4. While flossing, open your mouth slightly to avoid water splashing. 5. Keep the flosser upright during use to prevent the tube in the tank from restricting water flow. 6. The water tank should allow for at least 50 seconds of flossing depending on the mode. Refill water tank as needed to floss between all teeth to complete your flossing session. Blast can be used with mouthwash or dentist’s recommended solution (do not swallow), but after use, wash the device thoroughly.

Colgate Water Flosser Green
Colgate Water Flosser Green
Colgate Water Flosser Green
Colgate Water Flosser Green
Colgate Water Flosser Green

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Colgate Water Flosser 140 Ml (...


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