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Kulzer GLUMA Desensitizer

Kulzer GLUMA Desensitizer

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GLUMA Desensitizer - gaining victory over pain

For over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA has been sufficient to reduce and prevent hypersensitivity. The results appear quickly and effectively, without mixing, curing or multiple applications. 
Your patients feel immediate relief. Every good restoration starts with the GLUMA Desensitizer. Its efficacy has been proven in over 50 million restorations. 
It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation. GLUMA neither needs to be stirred or light cured. This simplifies application and saves time.
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1 x 5 ml bottle N.A.

Kulzer GLUMA Desensitizer Indications: 
For the reduction or elimination of pain in exposed cervical areas that do not require restoration and the reduction or elimination of dentine sensitivity after preparation of teeth to receive a fixed prosthesis.
GLUMA can be used for all direct and indirect restorations in order to give patients the comfort they deserve.
  • Under crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneers and temporary restorations.
  • Margins in the field of temporary crowns
  • Under all direct restorations
Patients will appreciate the fast, effective and long-term results of comfortable prophylaxis through the controlled application of a gel and your trust in GLUMA.
  • Tooth neck erosion
  • Exposed dentine
  • Hypersensitive teeth due to gingiva recession

Kulzer GLUMA Desensitizer Features:

  • Initial effect, immediate pain reduction.
  • High effectiveness with easy handling: no mixing, curing or repeated application necessary.
  • More effective than pure fluoridation.
  • Also used to good effect in combination with bonding agents.
  • GLUMA Desensitizer straightens collapsed collagen fibres and therefore can improve the adhesive strength of many adhesives.
  • Reduces hypersensitivities of exposed tooth necks not requiring restoration.

Kulzer GLUMA Desensitizer Directions:

Doctor/Assistant –

  • Under every restoration
  • Use GLUMA below every restoration direct and indirect to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.
  • Below crowns Bridges Inlays and onlays Veneers and temporaries Margins around temporary crowns
  • Below all direct restorations

Dental hygienist –

  • Spot desensitise
  • With the confidence of GLUMA, your patients will appreciate the fast, effective and long-term results for a more comfortable prophy.
  • Cervical erosions
  • Exposed dentine surface
  • Tooth hypersensitivity caused by gingival recession

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