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Zhermack Oranwash L Light Body 140m

Zetaplus by Zhermack is a condensation silicone elastomeric impression material indicated for final impressions of extraorally fabricated prostheses. The Zetaplus system has been consistent in maintaining its high performance and has been accepted widely for over 25 years. Zhermack Zetaplus is a condensation silicone impression material which is hydro compatible and used for high precision impressions. It is characterized by high initial flowability in the working phase and high rigidity after hardening. It is supplied in a green color and spearmint flavor. It is mostly used in two stage technique but can also be used in single-stage technique with two viscosities. The optimum catalyst dosage increases the working time and reduces contraction. This maintains an ideal balance between working and setting time. With high-activity spheroid filler Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS), improved flowability and dimensional stability has been achieved.


• Hydrocompatibility of the fluids
• Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae
• High final hardness*
• Tear resistance


• Hydrocompatibility of the fluids: helps achieve an accurate impression
• Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae: allows safe use on patients
• High final hardness*: contributes to obtaining an accurate model once the gypsum has been cast
• Tear resistance: reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth

*Zetaplus compared to Zetaplus Soft


  • High initial flowability and excellent rigidity after hardening for the putties
  • Thixotropy for the washes
  • High tear resistance


  • Excellent relation between rigidity and elasticity
  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio
  • High flowability and accuracy of wash materials
  • Putty and wash materials with the same catalyst (Indurent Gel)


  • Reduces mucous compression in the phase of insertion in the oral cavity
  • Excellent hardness after setting
  • In the two-stage technnique, it acts perfectly as a special tray
  • In double mixing, it adapts to the consistency of low viscosity fluid
  • Variable working and setting times according to catalyst quantity (Indurent gel)
  • Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray

Zetaplus Official Brochure: Download
Zetaplus Instructions: Download

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