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Nano Coat

Nanofilled Self Adhesive Light Cured Protective Coating, 1 x 5 mL

Is a single dispersion nano-filled protective coating for glass ionomer, composite and temporary restorations. The liquid glaze ensures improved aesthetics and increased strength, toughness and protection. It is designed for optimum wetting, strong adhesion, enhanced wear resistance and extra protection for margins. It provides a final lamination that aesthetically enhances all restorations with excellent colour stability and is the quickest way to finish all restorations.


  • To seal and protect the surface of glass ionomer, direct/indirect composite and provisional restorations.
  • To seal and protect the adhesive interface between restorations and tooth structure.

Glass Ionomer Restorations

One quick application of Fusion Nano Coat reinforces and strengthens glass ionomer restorations. A protective coating of Fusion Nano Coat allows the complete maturation of the glass ionomer reaction and the delayed saliva exposure creates the strongest possible glass ionomer restorations. Infiltration of Fusion Nano Coat provides internal protection against cracks and voids to enable increased fracture toughness. On top of this, Fusion Nano Coat leaves an excellent smooth surface and un-matched exterior gloss.

Composite Restorations

One quick application of Fusion Nano Coat immediately transforms a newly contoured composite into a high gloss finished restoration. The tough self adhesive coating improves composite wear resistance and polish retention. Furthermore, as Fusion Nano Coat bonds to composite restorations as well as surrounding tooth surfaces, it will provide additional protection to composite – tooth margins.

Temporary Crowns

The quickest way to finish bis-acryl composite or acrylic temporary crowns is to simply apply Fusion Nano Coat and light cure. Fusion Nano Coat provides an excellent gloss finish that is both smooth and stain resistant.

Existing Restorations

Fusion Nano Coat adheres to existing restorations and can be used as a simple, easy to apply maintenance coating for demanding situations where extra wear resistance, acid resistance or polish maintenance is required. Fusion Nano Coat can be used to re-surface existing restorations that require servicing.


Fusion Nano Coat contains Bis-GMA, Self Adhesive Monomers, Nano fillers in an acetone and MMA solution.

Method of use:

A. Preparation

  • Preparation of newly placed restorations
    • Finish the restoration with a superfine diamond bur. Alternatively, polish the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Spray preparation dust away with water. Dry by gently blowing with oil free air.
    • Surfaces to be coated should appear dry.
  • Preparation of existing restorations
    • Roughen the surface to be coated with a superfine diamond bur.
    • Spray preparation dust away with water. Dry by gently blowing with oil free air.
    • Surfaces to be coated should appear dry.
  • Preparation of marginal area
    • Non cut enamel should be treated with a 37% phosphoric acid according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse an dry with oil free air.
    • Surfaces to be coated should appear dry.

B. Dispensing

  • Dispense a few drops into a disposable dispensing dish. Replace the bottle cap immediately after use.

C. Application

  • IMMEDIATELY apply (within 1 minute after dispensing) to the surface to be coated using a micro applicator. Do not air blow. 
  • Should the coated surface be contaminated with water, blood or saliva prior to light curing, wash and dry the surface and repeat the coating procedure.

D. Light curing

  • IMMEDIATELY light cure all coated surfaces with a visible light curing unit (> 500mW/cm2)
  • Place the light source as close as possible to the coated surface.
  • If surface is tacky or yellowish repeat light curing.
  • Use a protective light shield or similar protective eye wear during light curing.


  • Fusion Nano Coat is volatile. Use in a well ventilated place. Replace cap immediately.
  • Fusion Nano Coat is flammable.
  • In rare cases the product may cause sensitivity in some people. If any such reactions are experienced, discontinue the use of the product and refer to a physician.
  • Do not use in combination with desensitizers and eugenol containing materials as these may hinder Fusion Nano Coat from setting or bonding properly.
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