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Maarc Hemostaz Gel


Causes profound hemostasis – Controls bleeding by contracting the tissues to seal the injured blood vessels.
Thereby arresting the bleeding within few seconds of application & reducing the chair side time for moisture control
Controls moisture from the crevicular seepage by absorption of the crevicular fluid and momentary shrinking the epithelial tissue.
Eliminating sulcular fluid contamination during restorative treatment allowing for optimal bonding of the adhesives & liners.
Physically displaces the tissues for superb marginal access with minimal pressure and no danger of rupturing epithelial attachment, providing unsurpassed kindness to hard and soft tissues
Requires much less time and force than using a gingival retraction cord.
Decreases the need of repeat impressions by aiding in precise recording of the finish lines and margins.

Intended use / Indications:
  • Hemostaz Gel is a topical hemostatic agent that can be used to control bleeding in the gingival sulcular space there by preventing contamination during direct bonding procedures.
  • Hemostaz Gel can also be used for moisture control during proximal restorative treatment; as a hemostatic agent during gingivectomy and gingivoplasty, and to control bleeding from hyper active pulp tissue or pulp polyps during pulpotomy
  • Hemostaz Gel is best suited to arrest surface capillary bleeding during various dental procedures where moisture control is needed, including fixed prosthodontic treatment, restorative-operative treatments, periodontal treatment etc
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Maarc Hemostaz Gel


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