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ICPA Fixon Cream – Denture Adhesive Cream

Fixon cream holds dentures securely and comfortable all day long

Fixon cream holds dentures securely and comfortable all day long
Fixon cream comes in a convenient formula to enhance compliance
Fixon cream seals out food particles and prevents them from going underneath the denture surface
Fixon cream gives the denture patients added confidence
Fixon cream helps patients eat, speak, look, and feel better
Fixon cream has a fresh, fruity taste and helps control denture odor
Studies show that using a Fixon denture adhesive cream can increase a patient’s bite force by as much as 10 times.


Gantrez MS, Sodium CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose), White Petrolatum, Light petrolatum, Aerosil


Clean and dry your denture
Apply adhesive in short strips
Rinse mouth thoroughly with water before inserting denture
Press dentures in place, hold firmly, and bit down for a few seconds to secure.


Swish mouth with water
Slowly remove dentures by using a rocking motion
Remove denture adhesive residue from denture and mouth with warm water and a soft brush
Use CLINSODENT denture cleanser to thoroughly clean the denture

Fixon Denture Adhesive Cream For Dentures From ICPA Health

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3 reviews for ICPA Fixon Cream – Denture Adhesive Cream


    I am using it for last two months.

  2. Kalpesh Y Shah

    Good in all

  3. Kalpesh Y Shah

    V good

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