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Super TorquePrime Dental Allure Handpiece - Push Button 2,290
Standard HeadPrime Dental Allure Handpiece - Push Button 2,240

Prime Dental Allure Airotor Handpiece – Push Button

Allure Handpiece is an dental airotor handpiece used for various dental procedures. The dental high speed handpiece by Allure has a Push Button configuration for easy replacement and attachment of dental burs. This high speed dental handpiece has an excellent finish and offers perfect ergonomics. The durability of the air rotor handpiece is great for the price. The easy grip of the high speed dental drill allows the operator to perform dental procedures with ease. The high speed handpiece dental uses include cavity preparation, endodontic procedures, preventive dental procedures and a variety of other dental procedures. The high speed air turbine handpiece by Allure does not carry any warranty. The air turbine handpiece is an economical handpiece with a push button bur configuration.

  • Excellent finish Durability
  • Easy to grip Corrosion resistance

This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warranty

  • Excellent finish
  • Durability
  • Easy to grip
  • Corrosion resistance
  • This very eonomical air rotor handpieces are push button which makes changing diamond tips a breeze.
  • The handpieces can be autoclaved and fits on a standard two hole connecter.
  • The handpieces will work with all standard air rotor units.
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