Kuraray Clearfil Sa Luting

Kuraray Clearfil SA Luting - Resin Cement

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A dual cure, self-adhesive resin cement with a unique fluoride releasing mechanism and is available in an ergonomically designed double barrelled hand-mix syringe.

Kuraray Clearfil SA Luting - Resin Cement SPECIALLY INDICATED FOR

  • Cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays made of zirconia/ alumina/ composite resin or metal
  • Cementation of metal cores, resin cores, metal posts or glass fibre posts
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Trial Pack: Universal Shade 
1 syringe Paste:  A (2.1g), Paste B (2.0g)

Kuraray Clearfil SA Luting - Resin Cement BENEFITS

  • Simple to use; no pre-conditioning with primer needed
  • Perfect seating and adaptation due to low solubility and low film thickness
  • Freedom from secondary caries due to fluoride releasing property
  • Easy dispensing and mixing L Easy removal of excess paste

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