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Voco Depulpin

Voco Depulpin

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VOCO's Depulpin paste is used for pulp devitalisation prior to mortal extirpation or amputation or residual devitalisation after removal of non-vital pulp tissue. VOCO Depulpin is arsenic-free; disinfecting; and provides safe devitalisation and mummification. The quick pain-killing paste is also proven in cases of pulp inflammation. Depulpin is easy to dispense from the practical syringe and its blue shade enables good visual control.

  • Paraformaldehyde & Lidocaine
  •  Prior to mortal extirpation or amputation or residual devitalisation
  •  Proven in cases of pulp inflammation

 Packaging: 3g Syringe (Expiry Date: NA)

1 Reviews

Gold Standard...
Voco depulpin is gold standard pulp devitlizer and it works in almost all cases, pts dont feel any pain

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