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Colgate PerioGard Rinse

Colgate PerioGard Rinse

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Anti-microbial therapy for the treatment of gingivitis

Colgate PerioGard Rinse is a broad spectrum anti-microbial oral rinse that has been proven safe and effective for treating gingivitis.


  • 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate
  • Highly substantive; detectable in saliva up to eight hours after use1
  • Fresh mint taste patients prefer over Peridex2
  • Easy-to-use dose cap


  • Proven effective
  • Long-lasting efficacy
  • Patient compliance
  • Patient convenience


PerioGard (Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12%) is indicated for use between dental visits as part of a professional program for the treatment of gingivitis as characterized by redness and swelling of the gingivae, including gingival bleeding upon probing. PerioGard has not been tested among patients with acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG).



PerioGard therapy should be initiated directly following a dental prophylaxis. Patients using PerioGard should be re-evaluated and given a thorough prophylaxis at intervals no longer than six months. Recommended use is twice daily oral rinsing for 30 seconds, morning and evening after tooth brushing. Usual dosage is ½ fl. oz. (marked on dosage cup) of undiluted PerioGard. Patients should be instructed not to rinse with water or other mouthwashes, brush teeth, or eat immediately after using PerioGard. PerioGard is not intended for ingestion and should be expectorated after rinsing.

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