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Sure Endo Gutta Percha Points- 6%

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Gutta Percha Size

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Gutta Percha Size: 6% Size- 15;
Gutta Percha Size: 6% Size- 20;
Gutta Percha Size: 6% Size- 25;
Gutta Percha Size: 6% Size- 30;
Gutta Percha Size: 6% Size- 35;

Sure Endo Gutta Percha Points Length Marked 4%

Uniformly rolled from the finest Gutta Percha to extremely close tolerance.

Assurance in consistency of size and shape.

Guaranteed Brittleness and Radiopacity in accordance with ISO6877.

Flexible and pliable, yet stiff enough to be inserted into the canal.

Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation.

Easily discernable in X-ray.

Long shelf life and freshness assured.

Variety in the selection of sizes and packaging available.

It is ideal for obturating root canals which have been prepared with GT files, HERO, Profile and Quantec, etc. At the tip of points(d1), the diameter corresponds to the ISO sizes, but then the conicity is greater than ISO points.

Slide Box / 60 points

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