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GC Flexceed

GC Flexceed Impression Material

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Product Package: Putty;
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  • PUTTY - 1x Base - 500g (278mL) 1x Catalyst - 500g (278mL)
  • LIGHT BODY - 2x Cartridges - 78g (50mL) 8 Mixing Tips (Pink) 8 Intraoral Tips


  • 1x Base - 500g (278mL) 1x Catalyst - 500g (278mL)


  • 2x Cartridges - 78g (50mL) 8 Mixing Tips (Pink) 8 Intraoral Tips

GC Flexceed is a vinylpolysiloxane (addition silicone) impression material used for making accurate dental impressions with excellent reproducibility. It is available in Putty and light body consistencies to aid dentists make perfect impressions for fabrication of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. GC Flexceed accurately replicates the highest level of detail required for crown and bridge restorations. It helps make predictable impressions under all conditions. GC Flexceed is more hydrophilic and has excellent tear strength. In addition to capturing critical intricate details it also displaces moisture and resists deformation. The hydrophilicity of the material is also attributed to the low contact angle. It exhibits pseudo-plastic properties to enhance precision. Excellent wetting characteristics of the material ensure a hard gypsum cast with a smooth surface. GC Flexceed impression material exhibits good dimensional stability, that allows pouring of multiple casts up to two weeks. It also has superior tear strength properties in comparison with other VPS materials. The resistance to tear in the subgingival and interproximal areas is significant as they are thin and are susceptible to tear. As measured by the ‘Shark Fin Test’ GC Flexceed exhibits the highest ‘fin’ when compared to other VPS impression materials. This vindicates its excellent reproduction of detail and flow characteristics.

  •  More hydrophilic
  •  Highest tear strength
  •  Displaces moisture
  •  Captures critical details
  • Excellent detail reproduction with two viscosities.
  • Pseudo plastic properties for precision
  • Superior tear strength properties
  • Long term dimensional stability - 2 weeks
  • Low contact angle
  • Better hydrophilicity
  • Compatibility with gypsum products
  • Better wetting characteristics due to the low contact angle
  • Can be cold sterilized
2 Reviews

Light body
purchased light body only.

Excellent Material
Excellent impression material with good setting time.

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