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Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g

Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g

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Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g 

Information about Vantej Toothpaste

Vantej Toothpaste reduces the tooth sensitivity and prevents dental caries. It makes the teeth enamel harder and better.

Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g Key Ingredients:

  • Gylcerin
  • Silica
  • Calcium sodium phosphosilicate
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate

Packaging Expiry Date
50g Tube 12.2021

Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g 
Key Benefits:
Calcium sodium phosphosilicate makes the enamel of your teeth harder and more resistant to acid wear. It remove plaque, debris and surface stains and imparts significant level of dentinal occlusion with durable occlusive deposits
Glycerine acts as humectant, an ingredient that prevents loss of waterin the toothpaste. A humectant traps water in the toothpaste so that when you squeeze the tube, you get a nice smooth substance
Sodium lauryl sulphate is a detergent, creating bubbly foam like in soap and shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulfate can cause mouth irritation and canker sores

Dr. Reddy's Vantej Toothpaste 50g Directions For Use:
2-3g (full length brush amount) twice daily or as directed by Dentist

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