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Dental Avenue AvuePrep EDTA Gel

Dental Avenue AvuePrep EDTA Gel

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Dental Avenue Avueprep is a root canal irrigant used for teeth bonding and also softens infected dentine. This avueprep acts as antibacterial effect in the canal and removes smear layer. This irrigant is used for debridement in the root canal and its UreaPeroxide interacts with Avuechlor produces oxygen bubbles which flush out the debris. Dental avenue avueprep lubricates instrument movement, eliminates instrument binding and breakages.

Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid (EDTA) gel 


• Chelates calcium from calcified root canal
• Softens infected Dentine 
• Helps widening and shaping the canals
• Best suited for Debridement in root canal 
• Removes smear layer
• Antibacterial effect in the canal
• Helps clearance of Dentinal tubules & Apical area

1 Reviews

Nice deal
Very good product using since years. Good offer rate also on this website. thanks

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