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Maarc Lubri Spray

Maarc Lubri Spray Lubricant Spray for Handpiece

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Maarc Lubri Spray Lubricant Spray for Handpiece Description

All purpose Hand piece Lubricant Spray for maintenance of all dental hand pieces including highspeed, slow speed and air motors.

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650 ml Can + Nozzle 11.2021

Maarc Lubri Spray Lubricant Spray for Handpiece 
Highly effective lubrication for all high and slow speed dental rotary hand pieces.  Lubri Spray contains anti-rust agent that prevents micro rust on inner bearings. High penetrative ability to ensure thorough coating of bearing surface. Each can contains a high volume pressure to provide maximum bearing rotation during oiling. High internal pressure of 70+Psi (4.8atm) at 20ºC. Cans are compatible with the most renowned brands. Clear in colour.

Directions for use:- Insert into back of hand piece and spray through for one to two seconds immediately after each use and before sterilization. Wipe excess thoroughly. Important: Hold can in a vertical position when in use. Refer to hand piece maintenance instructions where applicable.

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